Give the outside of your San Diego area home a beautiful, reflective new look with the Texcote coating system. As the most trusted contractor for home improvement needs servicing the San Diego area, we’ll make sure that your home is properly prepped for Texcote application so your home stays looking fresh for many years to come.

With our help in applying TEX•COTE®, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Save time & money*
Protect your home from weather elements
Make your home more energy efficient

With Texcote coating, your San Diego home will look great over time. The professionals at Precision General will ensure that the outside of your home is adequately prepped for Texcote. That means that after we apply it to your home, you won’t have to deal with the constant repainting, flaking, chipping, and peeling that come with using other forms of paint.

Texcote uses reflective technology designed to lower your home’s surface temperature. This coating system is highly durable, and works well against San Diego’s harshest weather elements. It will last longer, and since it is resistant against fading, your home will be the jewel of the neighborhood for years to come.

The reflective technology in the Texcote coating system is more reflective on average than competing products. That means that your San Diego home will use less energy, and be cooler than it would be without Texcote.

With the Texcote coating system, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind. You’ll be protected by a limited manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for as long as you own your San Diego home.

Discover why San Diego homeowners trust us to apply Texcote to their home. Contact Precision General today for a free consultation.

*Percentage of cost savings varies depending on the color chosen, substrate type, and geographic location of your home. For more information, visit

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