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Super Natural 80

An exclusive, GST designed four-color multi-bladed synthetic turf, Super Natural-80 offers remarkable realism. This premium product features a vibrant color scheme, combined with the high-quality, dense construction. Super Natural-80 blends multiple engineered blades that highlight the Emerald, Lime Green, Field Green, and Beige yarn, adding a subtle pop of color to your space. It truly is the ultimate choice in artificial grass.

More About Super Natural 80

Using a popular fiber shape that acts as a type of memory foam; Super Natural-80 is able to resist being bent by foot traffic and quickly returns to its original shape. It’s also been designed to repel heat, keeping turf temperature down. Double-colored blades offer extra density, resilience and an authentic look of natural turf. Coupled with two-color thatching, green and brown, Super Natural-80 is the most realistic turf on the market today.

Whether you want to install synthetic turf in your front or backyard or are looking to upgrade an athletic field or a playground, Super Natural-80 is your premium choice. It is 100% lead-free and entirely safe for humans and animals. Manufactured to replicate the look and feel of natural grass, this product is soft, resilient, and can withstand heavy foot traffic, intense weather, and extreme temperatures. Its backing is also designed for superior drainage; making it ideal for pet mess or wet climates.

Designed to Look & Feel More Real Than Natural

Artificial grass never felt so real. Super-Natural 80 is an exclusive synthetic turf product that looks as realistic as real grass yet requires no mowing, watering, trimming or use of fertilizers.

Four-Color Blades Plus Double Thatching

Beige, Emerald, Field Green, and Lime Green multi-colored blades with double-thatch cushioning create a visual effect that creates a perfect illusion of a natural lawn.

Quality & Performance

Super Natural-80 engineered blades allow superior resilience and durability while the premium backing system provides seamless permeability and resistance. This turf product is ideal for all areas with medium or heavy traffic.

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